Rubber Boy
Updated: 12/12/2020
Rubber Boy

Storyboard Description

a young boy find out his greatest blessing the hard way when he walks a mile in his mother's shoes. Published on 3 Feb 2016 by Petronas Chinese New Year 2016: Rubber Boy

Storyboard Text

  • scene 1: Epilogue
  • Tittle :Rubber Boy
  • Scene 2: Waking up to school
  • Wake up! Ah Hock
  • scene 3: Having breakfast
  • hurry. finish your breakfast faster
  • Hasweeneeyah a/p Krishnan(A171699)Ah Hock is the rubber boy. For thefirst time Ah Hock bitten by his mother and he felt that he deserved that slap for what he had done. Location: at rubber tree farm. Duration 0.00-0.31
  • scene 4: Feel ashamed of being poor
  • it's not because I was ashamed of being poor
  • Every morning, Ah Hock mother will waking him up for school.
  • Scene 5: Fighting at school
  • English Class C= Cat D= Dog A for Apple B for Ball
  • Rubber boy!! haha
  • Rubber boy! Rubber boy !! haha
  • Hasweeneeyah a/p Krishnan (A171699)Ah Hock mother giving him breakfast and asking him to eat faster . Location: This scene will happen at Ah Hock's living room. Duration 0.35-0.43
  • Scene 6: Getting scold
  • What happened at school? Were not you fighting?
  • Hasweeneeyah a/p Krishnan (A171699)Ah Hock feel ashamed of being poor when he saw his classmate going to school by car and he have to go by his mother's old bike. Location: This scene will happen when Ah Hock's mother bringing him to school. Duration: 0.44-1.05
  • Hasweeneeyah a/p Krishnan (A171699)Ah Hock fought at school because his friends bully him by calling him rubber boy. Location: This scene will happen at Ah Hock's school. Duration:1.16-1.33
  • He return home with mess clothes. His mother scold him because he's fighting with his friends at school.
  • What??
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