Huckleberry Finn Storyboard Review
Updated: 1/14/2021
Huckleberry Finn Storyboard Review

Storyboard Text

  • Chapter 4
  • No sir! I don't want to spend it. You can have it all.
  • I'm not letting you get anymore money to get drunk.
  • Chapter 5
  • Gimme your money you foolish kid!
  • Chapter 6
  • "'Oh, yes, a half-yearly is in, last night. Over a hundred and fifty dollars. Quite a fortune for you. You better let me invest it along with your six thousand, because if you take it you'll spend it,'" (Twain 28).
  • Chapter 7
  • "'Well, I'll learn her how to meddle. And looky here--you drop that school, you hear? I'll learn people to bring up a boy to put on airs over his own father and let on to be better'n what he is. You lemme catch you fooling around that school again, you hear?'" (Twain 34).
  • Chapter 8
  • H"e kept me with him all the time, and I never got a chance to run off. We lived in that old cabin, and he always locked the door and put the key under his head, nights," (Twain 41).
  • Chapter 9
  • "It was about dark, now; so I dropped the canoe down the river under some willows that hung over the bank, and waited for the moon to rise. I made fast to a willow; then I took a bite to eat, and by and by laid down in the canoe to smoke a pipe and lay out a plan," (Twain 59).
  • "So we went over to where the canoe was, and while he built a fire in a grassy open place amongst the trees, I fetched meal and bacon and coffee, and coffee-pot and frying pan, and sugar and tin cups, and the nigger was set back considerable, because he reckoned it was all done with witchcraft," (Twain 73).
  • "There was two old dirty calico dresses, and a sun bonnet, and some women's underclothes, hanging against the wall, and some men's clothing, too. We put the lot into the canoe; it might come good," (Twain 87).
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