Updated: 2/17/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Came to the beach, parked my car at the carpark and then used the path.Space= ways in which features are organised and managed.
  • Change= living and non-living things are always changing, some slowly like glaciers and some fast like bushland getting cut down for houses.
  • Came to school and found a place to park my bike. Place= parts of the Earth's surface that are identified and given meaning by people
  • Environments are natural and human environments. Library is a human environment.
  • interconnection= the ways in which all things (living and non-living), events and processes on Earth are connected.
  • Sustainability can be achieved by saving water at home. Use the half flush on the toilet. The world's issues such as how much water we have can be described as SCALE: small scale is each home. state scale is the whole area in a state and national is the federal government who will guide people.