Ordering at restaurant
Updated: 5/23/2020
Ordering at restaurant

Storyboard Text

  • Menu
  • Hello, I can't decide what to order. What do you recommend?
  • Hello ma'am! Welcome to our restaurant! May I take your order?
  • 20 minutes later...
  • Hmmm... That sounds nice. I would take the fried chicken if it's served with potatoes. Can you do that?
  • I personally really like pepperoni pizza or fried chicken.
  • Awww! What a shame!
  • I'm so sorry ma'am, but we just ran out of potatoes.
  • Sure. I like rice more anyways.
  • Is it okay if we put there rice instead?
  • Thank you. That looks delicious!
  • Here is your meal ma'am. Hope you enjoy it!
  • Another 20 minutes later...
  • 10 dollars. Here you go! The rest is for you.
  • You too!
  • Yes! How much is it?
  • Thank you! I hope you'll visit us again. Have a nice day!
  • 6 dollars please.
  • Did you like your meal?