Water Cycle 2
Updated: 6/4/2020
Water Cycle 2
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  • Hello There! Mr. Sand
  • Sometimes, while in surface runoff we tend to transport pollutants or silt in a river by bulk water flow. This process is called advection.
  • Water can have a liquid, solid, or gas form. Water can change into any of these forms. So ice can actually directly change into water vapour. This process is known as sublimation.
  • When the opposite happens, when water vapour directly turns into ice it is known as desublimation. Speaking of sublimation, I'm melting!
  • Whee! I've never been to Antarctica!
  • When too much snow accumulates, it forms a slowly moving mass of ice, this is a glacier, and are found around the poles.
  • Now we are in a wetland, I love this trip!
  • That's right, a wetland is a land consisting of marshes and swamps. It is also very saturated.
  • Thanks for going on this amazing trip with us! I hope we'll meet again!
  • There we have it, we have gone through the entire water cycle, the different forms of water, and even where it's found!
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