Allen Lin- Basics of the Computer Cartoon
Updated: 12/3/2020
Allen Lin- Basics of the Computer Cartoon

Storyboard Text

  • Introduction (Input and OutPut)
  • Input Devices
  • YES! Mr. Sprinkles
  • Output Devices
  • Ready to learn Kids!
  • Mouse
  • Ex: Move your mouse and hold your left finger, and hold it on the words
  • Keyboard
  • EX: KKKJAHDGSJHAKJGHJKKJGKJ%!^#*&& (try type something in google search with special letter)
  • Hello people in the internet, today we will be learning about computer equipment and how they use it, let's go learn! But first, we need to know what input and output are... Input Devices are devices that are used to enter information into the computer (like typing or clicking) Ex: mouse and keyboard. Output Devices are devices used to see information that the computer has processed. Ex: Monitor, speaker, and printer.
  • Printer
  • A mouse is a pointing device that can control the movement of the pointer in the screen. It can have one or three buttons that can be clicked to perform actions on a computer and explains why they're input devices.
  • Monitor and Speaker
  • A keyboard is used to type letters in the computer that is made up of several small buttons called "keys". Each of the key corresponds to a number or letter or some special function and explains why they are input devices.
  • CPU (Central Processing Unit)
  • HMMM??!! Hey, who are you, you better leave before I call the cops!!
  • A printer is a device that helps you to print any papers that you will see on a monitor. It's also an Output device
  • I know I just heard some noise down here.
  • A monitor is like a tv, where you can see what the monitor carries out, and has an off/on that activates whenever someone presses the button on the bottom left or right monitor, but turning off the monitor doesn't mean it turns off completely. A Speaker is a sound that’s produced by the computer or songs played being on, through the speakers. Monitor and speaker are both output devices.
  • Where is the noise coming from?
  • A CPU is very similar like a human brain, except it controls all the different parts of the computer equipment, and all of them are connected to the CPU so that they can work together at perfect sink with one and the other. It's also a storage Device where devices are used to save information for later use, Ex: Cloud, Flash drive, Hard drive.
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