English comic
Updated: 2/10/2020
English comic

Storyboard Description

Caperucita roja

Storyboard Text

  • One day last summer a girl callled Red Little Hood was in the forest walking to her grandmother's house...
  • I'm going to give biscuits to my grandmother!
  • Suddenly she saw that she was lost. She was very worried while she saw a wolf and ask him the way...
  • How can I arrive to my grandmother's house?
  • ...but the wolf lied to the girl to arrive to the home earlier and prepare her a trap.
  • Go along this way and you will arrive
  • I'm waiting to the Red Little hood and when she arrives I will eat her.
  • The wolf get dressed with the grandmother's clothes.
  • The wolf was sleeping while the girl arrived. When he saw her he wake up. The girl was warried because she saw somthing strange in her "grandmother"
  • They're for eat you better!!
  • They're for hearyou better
  • And what big teeth do you have..
  • Grandmother, what big ears do you have...
  • The wolf threw himself ontop of the girl and eat her.
  • Ahhh!! Help me!
  • A hunter listened the girl and entered to the house. He killed the wolf and rescue the girl while the animal was sleeping
  • They lived happy ever after