Punic Wars 1&2
Updated: 1/5/2021
Punic Wars 1&2

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  • First Punic War
  • We must sent an army to Sicily to make sure Carthage doesn't take it over.
  • Right on that, sir!
  • Look a Carthaginian boat!
  • First Punic War continued...
  • Since we don't have our own navy lets copy theirs so we can defeat Carthage and get Sicily!
  • First Punic War continued...
  • Why do we have to leave and pay you?
  • Well with our bridges that let us fight face to face, which we do best, I think we might win!
  • How long is this war going to take?
  • Both Carthage and Rome wanted to rule Sicily. Rome sent their army to Sicily to stop the Carthaginian people from taking it over.
  • Second Punic War
  • Yes! We are taking over Spain!
  • Don't worry, we will help you rebel against Carthage.
  • The Romans realized that they needed a navy to be able to fight Carthage. A Carthage boat washed up on shore and the Romans copied the Carthaginian's boat to make their own fleet.
  • Second Punic War continued...
  • We've lost lots of elephants, horses, and soldiers!
  • Just keep marching! We might be out numbered when we get there but we will fight!
  • The first war took 20 years to end. In 241 B.C.E the Romains crushed the Carthaginians. The Carthaginians were forced to give up Sicily and had to pay a huge fine to Rome. Sicily came under Romain rule!
  • Second Punic War continued...
  • Men! We must go home to protect our city because Rome has invaded Carthage.
  • YAY! Maybe Scipio can defeat Carthage.
  • Since Carthage lost Sicily to Rome they started to expand to southern Spain. Rome didn't want Carthage to gain land near their border, so they helped people living in Spain rebel against Carthage. In 218 B.C.E Carthage sent Hannibal to attack Rome.
  • Oh no! Carthage is going to take us over.
  • Hannibal gathered many soldiers, elephants, and horses to march across the Alps to attack Rome. They lost almost half their army and many elephants and horses. We they got to Rome they were out numbered but still powerful and started to raid Italy.
  • It's so cold!
  • We barley have any food left!
  • A Roman force lead by Scipio invaded Carthage while Hannibal was raiding Italy. He had no choice but to return home to help defend his people. Scipio's troops defeated Carthage. Carthage was forced to give up Spain and pay a large fine again.
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