Updated: 12/8/2020

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  • Ismene, dear sister, have they told you of the new decree of our King Creon?
  • No, all I know is that two sisters have lost two brothers but I have not heard of the decree.
  • There is something that has to be done... Creon buried Eteocles yet Polyneices was left and must lie in he fields. The penalty if anyone is to try and bury him is to be stoned to death. Please show that you care and will not be a traitor and help me?
  • Antigone are you crazy? What could I even do?
  • Will you help me or not... Either way it will be done but I need to know are you with me or against me?
  • Are you crazy? The new law forbids it you can't go and bury him.
  • He is our brother!!!
  • Think of what your getting yourself into Antigone. Plus what will Creon do?
  • He is not strong enough to stand in my way.
  • Think of what our deaths would be if we were to go against Creon. We are women we cant fight with these men. I'm sorry but I can not help.
  • If you think I can not fight than think it. I don't even want you there. If that is your choice then so be it...
  • They both mean so much to me but I don't think I can. The law was made for the public's well-being.
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