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Updated: 12/17/2020
History Storyboard

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  • The Italy army used chemical weapons the and 19 red crossed hospitals were bombed.
  • Oh no, that's chemical weapons
  • The Ethiopian emperor had the chance for an appeal. All the members of the league voted for limited sanctions for Italy.
  • My people have Leprosy, because of the chemical weapons
  • Haile Selasie the emperor of Ethiopia
  • I want Mussolini to give back my empire and I want help from my allies and if they don't help the west will perish!!
  • The Pact offered to partition Abyssinia and thus partially achieve Mussolini's goal of making Abyssinia into an Italian colony. The proposal ignited a firestorm of hostile reaction in Britain and France and never went into effect. Hoare lost his position.
  • French Prime Minister Pierre Laval
  • With this secret Hoare-Laval pact, we will stop the war
  • British Foreign Secretary Samuel Hoare
  • We are donating bed stands
  • In Italy
  • I will give my wedding ring
  • I will as well, I heard so many other women are doing the same
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