Updated: 1/14/2021

Storyboard Text

  • 7 days later
  • mom, i am hurt
  • OMG, What is wrong with you ?
  • may be you get some diseases
  • i need to bring you to the hospital right now
  • in the hospital
  • doctor! what is going on with my daughter
  • after make many analysis. We finally diagnose that
  • normally, this kind of disease can't appear beacaue of vaccine, but in this case
  • she got mumps
  • vaccine but vaccine can cause many extreme side-effect
  • OH no, that isn't true
  • the truth is vaccine is very important for our body. It is a biological preparation that provides active acquire immunity to a particular disease
  • vaccines use very small amounts of antigents to help your child's immune system recognize and learn to fight serious diseases
  • although the fact that vaccine contain virus but it was ensured by many professor that it can't harm anymore