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Updated: 9/3/2021
Unknown Story

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  • What a mess. This is so untidy....
  • Do not speak lot. Clean up now!
  • But I'm doing the project...
  • What ashamed! Ha ha ha....
  • Hey! Look! She looks like she's about to cry! Ha ha ha
  • Know what? She was yelled at by her mother yesterday, she's grown up but is still yelled by mother. What ashamed!
  • Hey, "tallest girl in school", what did you do to get yelled by your mother
  • Hold on, hold on, just arrogant people, there's nothing to cry about, hold on, hold on,....
  • Yet, we made fun about her. So ashamed.
  • And she's medium - height, the same height as us
  • Hey, look! She's helping that old man!
  • Thank you girl. You're so kind.
  •  Nothing, I just help elderly.
  • Just go slowly.