Unknown Story
Updated: 4/29/2020
Unknown Story

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  • I wonder what goes on inside here ?
  • Alex Rider arrives undercover as Felix Lester to Sayle Enterprises.
  • Emm... Nothing !
  • Alex gets caught snooping around by Mrs Vole
  • What are you doing down here ??
  • Alex has dinner with Herrod Sayle to discuss the Stormbreaker.
  • Alex goes to bed after dinner to plan a way to get out after hearing about what was going to happen at 2am.
  • A fleet of cars leave the house and Alex runs and just manages to jump on one of the last cars to leave.
  • The armed men get out of the cars and are met by Yassen Gregovich who gets off the boat and hands the men boxes containing something mysterious. One of the men drops a box and Yassen shoots him and he is washed out to sea.