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Updated: 2/23/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Who Was Horace Mann?
  • Franklin Town Library
  • The Common School Movment
  • Schools should be open to everyone!
  •  Board of Education
  • Aftermath
  • Teacher Training School
  • Horace Mann was born in Franklin Massachusetts around 1796. He went to school where his teachers were relatively poor at their jobs, but he was able to self-educated himself at the Franklin town library. He succeeded at doing so and ended up going to Brown University at the age of twenty.
  • The Common School Movement was the idea that schools should be a free, mandatory public institution with a statewide curriculum, funded by local property tax. Horace Mann started the movement when he was elected to the Massachusetts Board of Education in 1837. Mann believed that schools could teach moral values and educate citizens to perform in democracy.
  • The education reforms changed school's in many different ways. First off, Mann increased the schools budget, and the school year. Mann also provided training schools for teachers, so the teachers would be able to teach, unlike the teachers that Mann had as a child.