Updated: 1/31/2020
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  • i was lonely.
  • i feel awful
  • i would've known if anyone tried to take my boots of my feet
  • mom and I carried him into a room, where we had a spare bed. mom left to call the doctor. mom entered the room with a basin of water."Grandpa relaxed, and told us of his journey. Soon after our visit to him ,Grandpa decided that he would like to see where we lived Besides, he admitted sheepishly, he was lonesome after we left.I knew everybody felt as guilty as I did
  • you're OK, its just a weird dream...that is all.
  • “You found the money in my boots?” he asked Mom.“Martin did,”“Grandpa, you shouldn’t have carried so much money. What if someone had stolen it from you?”Grandpa laughed. “I would’ve known if anyone tried to take the boots off my feet. he saved 100 dollars for his funeral but gave it to us for groceries so he wont be a burden 
  • Nothing bothered Cheryl about bringing her friends to see Grandpa. Finally, one day after school, my friends came home with me nothing I said stopped them. When we got to my house, Grandpa was sitting on the porch all dressed up. Grandpa looked up and when his eyes met mine, they twinkled as if he were laughing inside. He nodded to me.
  • That evening Grandpa called me to his room before he went to sleep.“Tomorrow,” he said,“when you come home, it will be time to give you the medicine bag.” All night I had weird dreams.When I woke up in the morning, I felt as if I hadn’t slept at all. Atschool it seemed as if the day would never end and when it finally did, I ran home.Grandpa was in his room
  • “My son, had only a daughter and it is not proper for her to know of these things.” he stated. He unbuttoned his shirt, pulled out the leather pouch, and lifted it over his head.“In the bag,” he said as he opened it and removed two objects, “is the broken shell of the iron kettle, a pebble from the butte, and a piece of the sacred sage.” he explained everything about it to me and how its passed on.
  • He placed the soft leather bag in my right hand and closed my other hand over it. Put it safely away until you are again on the reservation.Wear it then.Grandpa turned and sat again on the bed. Wearily he leaned his head against the pillow. “Go,” he said, “I will sleep now.”“Thank you, Grandpa,” I said softly,
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