$10 bill alexander
Updated: 2/14/2020
$10 bill alexander

Storyboard Text

  • whats cracking im Alexander Hamilton and your watching Disney channel
  • For sure im James Madison nice to meat you my kind madam
  • so i dont like the federalist power
  • because they boss me around type stuff and i had it rough
  • for sure we needa change it and were in debt from the war
  • why not
  • well really your not kinda messed my life up
  • but i think were doing everything right
  • what do you mean
  • we needa make a bank to pay off our debts from the war and so america can be economically strong
  • hm but you'll have to move
  • what the shoot no sir im not boolin with that
  • but if you build it you gotta move our capital in between Maryland and Virginia
  • ok fine we needa pay off the debt or we will have problems with other contrys and be looked at as weak peeps
  • aight we gonna bulid it thanks for meating with me