Nicholas 9B Dutch East India Summary Humanities
Updated: 8/24/2018
Nicholas 9B Dutch East India Summary Humanities
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  • In 1641, the Dutch East India Company or VOC which is a corporation from multiple dutch trading companies took control of the Malacca Strait away from the Portuguese. This helped continue their 343-year long colonization starting from 1602-1945
  • We VOC have conquered the Malacca Strait!!!
  • During the 17th Century, the Dutch East India Company became the main entity politically in the Indonesian Archipelago. The Company's power was so great that they can force indigenous rulers to accept their trade conditions for the benefit of the colony.
  • The Dutch conducted its main expansion in Sumatra in the 19th century. The corporation made their system of government into a bureaucracy.
  • The VOC put its commercial monopoly into effect ever since the start of its occupation from the 17th Century. The VOC works in trade, composed peculiar products, amass produce
  • Sometime during the 18th century, the VOC was suffering by difficulties in financial problems. The problems are caused by the disruption of their monopoly by smuggling. The costs increase due to the gained responsibilities the company is receiving from their power, and corruption by the servants of the corporation.
  • In 1795, The Netherlands or the Dutch Republic as it was called in that time was yielded to France during the France Revolutionary Wars. This made the Netherlands restructure themselves and rename into the Batavian Republic. The Dutch government would then end the affairs of the VOC/Dutch East India Company in 1799.
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