Updated: 3/11/2021

Storyboard Text

  • YES SIR !
  • Every one must bow down to the hat !
  • Shoot the apple !
  • Will you make me kill my son ?!?!
  • !!!
  • What did you intend on doing with the second bolt ?
  • Tryant ! Had i hurt my son, this bolt was yours.
  • Many years ago, Switzerland was ruled by a cruel tyrant named Gessler. One day, he put his hat at the top of tall pole in the town square and everyone who passed by must bow down to his hat.
  • When one man, William Tell, refused to bow, Gessler ordered Willliam to shoot the apple on his son's head. If he failed to shoot, the soldiers would kill the boy.
  • William succesfully hit the apple from his son's head. He used the second bolt to kill Gessler and set his country free.