Updated: 8/30/2018
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  • Do you know the three government in the revolution were the french
  • Yes I know but their were all different reasons to start their own revolutions 
  • And the Americans also had wanted equality before the law and they had enlightenment ideas with colonists wanted tolimit the authority of the state.
  • Yes I know the French wanted equality before the law, there was a bad economy and the government was unable to balance
  • Wait isnt their another revolution were missing?
  • There is but i cant remember what it is
  • Their reason of conflict is bad economy, bad leadership not happy about the government
  • Yes there is one your missing it was the Russian revolution
  • French social order: 1st Estate: Aristocracy 2nd Estate: Clergy 3rd Estate: Everyone else
  • The Americans have No legal social class structure - People were characterized mainly by profession not class order - Educated and non-educated
  • Russian social order: Czar, ruling class, peasants - Extremely poor citizens (the peasant class - most of population)
  • Do you remember what the conflicts were to add up to the revolutions?
  • I do the French May 1789 meeting of the Estates Generals: elections - 1788 hail storm damaged grain crops: high prices
  • And the Americans had the Boston Massacre, Boston Tea Party 1773, 2nd Continental Cong. 1775, Battle of Ft. Ticonderoga 1775, Common Sense 1776
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