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Updated: 9/23/2019
Global Project
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  • Immigration...
  • Montesquieu: "I see immigration as a way to makes my idea of separation of power look good. If congress can pass the laws to help and congress passes them, then this will be beneficial to them. What do you think Voltair?
  • Well, I disagree Montesquieu, only because I believe in people having freedom of expression.
  • What do you mean? Immigrants are 4 times more likely than children of parents born in the US to have less than a high school degree, but are twice as likely tp have a doctorate degree.
  • Well, if there are all these laws created.. then immigrants will tend to be more limited to opportunities, and we know that well skilled immigrants tend to increase innovation
  • Yea well not good enough!
  • Think about 1819, when congress passed a law for immigration information to arrive to the US and it was the first significant legislation on immigrants my by the federal governments , giving them opportunities
  • Think about it.... the government has a big impact on immigrant lives
  • You talk about how the government helps immigrants, but how is it that the Supreme Court says that everyone in the US has freedom of speech rights, but ended up approving on limiting legislations on political contributions which is technically a form of expression to people who aren't permanent residents. This basically shows how the gov. limits their freedom of speech
  • Yes, but the government made laws that help give immigrants asylum, or at least a chance to live in the US, instead of being killed off or executed.
  • Ok all I have to say is that before, the government is helpful and all but to immigrants it limits them from big descions like political disputes
  • Well thanks for the discussion hope to do it again another time!
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