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Updated: 11/22/2019
ap psych

Storyboard Text

  • Little Billy (who is 9 years old) likes to make everyone laugh with his loud belches in the middle of a meal. However, Grandma thinks this behavior is unacceptable. Little Billy needs to cease belching during the meal so that Grandma doesn’t make a scene.
  • *Burp*
  • You need to stop that!
  • We will give you an extra 20 minutes of gaming each night you don't do that
  • 😠
  • Ok, of course!
  • I guess i'm never going to do that again, i LOVE my playing time
  • This is positive reinforcement because Billy is receiving 20 more minutes of gaming time if he doesn't belch anymore at the dinner table.This is secondary reinforcement because the parents are offering him gaming time which is not a physical need, it is just a want.This is delayed reinforcement because he is not getting the gaming time right away, he is getting it after successfully not burping at the dinner table. The schedule of reinforcement is Fixed ratio because every time he doesn't burp, he gets reinforced with gaming time. (the amount of times he doesn't burp is why it is ratio)