English 1 Honors, The Odyssey
Updated: 5/18/2020
English 1 Honors, The Odyssey

Storyboard Text

  • Look at all those sheep, A god must've guided us to these islands. Sailors, let's grab our gear and eat the cattle
  • Friends, stay here whilst I take my ship to the islands over there. I will be taking my best soldiers.
  • Polyphemus
  • No, let's see what the caveman has to offer!
  • Odysseus, let's take the cheese and release all the cattle and drive the lambs onto our ship.
  • Who are you puny humans and what do you want!
  • We are Greeks from Troy, blown off course on the Great South Sea. We were heading home and wondered if you had any gifts for us.
  • I DON'T CARE! Where is your ship?
  • Poseidon destroyed my ship, and these men are some of the survivors, please help us!
  • Polyphemus eats 2 crew mates!