A Voice from The Tomb part 1
Updated: 11/23/2020
A Voice from The Tomb part 1

Storyboard Text

  • A Voice from the Tomb. 1 of 6Nick Gasparino. 11/22/20
  • FADE IN:LS of the Ext. of Fremantle PrisonGUARD (O.S.) Prisoners! Line up!
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  • INT. MAIN CELLBLOCKWS of Cell with Prisoner and GuardGuardAll right ladies! Time to get to work! Get a move on!SFX: Cell doors opening can be heard
  • CU of James Wilson walking.JAMES WILSON (V.O)Work. Work, eat, sleep; that’s all I’ve been doing every damn day for the past nine years. I’m sick of it. How’re they going to punish me for standing up for what I believe in? Forstanding up for my country? To hell with ‘em.
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