Church teaching
Updated: 3/22/2020
Church teaching

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  • I wonder why these Catholics praise Mary so much.
  • not to ease drop but Catholics pray to mary because she is the mother of Christ.
  • Why though.
  • Catholics like to pray Tom,are through an intercession.
  • Is there anything special about her intercession to Christ?
  • Yes since Mary was Jesus’s mother there is always going to be a special place in his heart for her.
  • That’s cool but is there proof of this?
  • Actually yes, throughout the ages there are many appirations and miracles associated with god to Mary.
  • What type of miracles.
  • The main miracle is the tilma which has marys body in it, the tilmas fabric has lasted over 500 years with no ware on it.
  • Well it looks like I need to go to church more.
  • Obviously.... you should come with me this Sunday.