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Comic Book Crimes-Nickissia Lawson
Updated: 6/15/2020
Comic Book Crimes-Nickissia Lawson
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  • I can no longer afford a ring!
  • The Let Go
  • Phil, but I have been here For 5 years
  • I have been here for 10! I was saving for an international vacation and to catch up on bills.
  • How am I gonna pay my bills this month and afford vacation.
  • Mens Rea
  • FIRED!!
  • We have to think of a plan.
  • Phil is gonna wish he never fired me. I know exactly where to get cash...
  • Honey I have been fired.
  • The Plan
  • I saw the safe too, but who's going to break in it?
  • I Can break in the safe. I will practice when i leave.
  • IM IN!!!!!
  • So Guys I had a brilliant idea! We should Rob the Office where Seth and I was fired from. I saw where they store the cash. Here is the blueprint of the building.
  • I can be the getaway driver and I can talk my mom into storing the money at her house.
  • Goodevening gentlemen. Unfotunately our business is doing a budget cut and I am gonna have to let you two go.
  • Actus Reas
  • Almost got it!Get ready guys
  • PHIL
  • The safe is in there..Please don't hurt me
  • Where is the safe NOWWWW!!!
  • Tasha get ready to drive
  • Fred enters his home hopeless wondering what he is gonna do and how he is gonna tell his wife Tasha. They had been planning for months for this vacation and now he has to tell her it is cancelled Unless.....
  • The Not So get Away
  • We need to hurry and return to town for an alibi!
  • Mom i dont have much time.But may we use your cellar ....we kinda just robbed a office sorry i didnt tell you.
  • Fred has a criminal minded idea! He is now the main Perpetrator. He shares his plans with his wife and friends hoping they will help him succceed in the act. Adding their thoughts into his plan ,they now become Fred's accomplices and accessorys before the fact.
  • The Shakedown
  • Can You two explain where today? IT Seems that Phil has been Robbed and you were spotted, but no money has been found anyweher!
  • Preparing for the robbery Tasha calls her mom letting her know she and a few friends will be stopping by. Gathering the tools, mask and gassing up they head to commit the Crime. They are now serving as principle in the 1st and 2nd degree.
  • Well Phil I bet you wish you didn't fire us.
  • GET DOWN!!You bet not tell anyone about this
  • Fred,Tasha,Seth,and Avery successfully robbed Phil and his business. Arriving at Tasha's Mom house to attempt to store the cash without being discovered. Tasha did not tell her mom they robbed Freds Job until they arrived. After knowing the crime that was committed Tasha's mom still helped making her an accessory after the fact.
  • YOU DID WHAAT!!!The keys are on the table...We will definitely talk later
  • Back in the city Fred and Seth were questioned since they were among the last people seen at Phils place of Business. Not worried they told the officer how they had been fired yesterday.They cleaned out their offices today and stopped by walmart to get tools and gas for there long trip to Tasha's mom which is deep in the country.
  • We were fired and cleaned our office today from Phil's.
  • No Evidence No Case;)
  • They'll never think to go to Tasha's Mom....What a great plan!
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