Storyboard: Buddhism and How it spread
Updated: 12/20/2019
Storyboard: Buddhism and How it spread
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  • Siddhartha Gautama is born in the 6th century B.C.E and a holy man says he will either be a religious leader or an emperor. Siddhartha's dad gets angry because he wants him to be an emperor, and only an emperor, so he locks him in the palace for 29 years, where he has everything he'd ever wanted, like dancing women, etc.
  • A 29 year old Siddhartha leaves the palace for the first time and is astonished by what he sees. He sees a dying man, aging man, and a sick man. He realised that all of this could, and most likely would, happen to him. He decides to leave the palace for good, leaving behind a hot cousin (ALSO HIS WIFE) and his kids.
  • Siddhartha nearly starved to death, in an attempt to avoid all physical comforts and pleasures. He thinks of a moment when he was a small child, he noticed when grass was cut, insects were trampled and destroyed, which made him think about his fascination with insects, bringing him peace. He ate, meditated, and at last, he found Nirvana.
  • "Nirvana refers to the blowing out of the flames of desire," - The School of Life. At last, Gautama had become the Buddha, or the enlightened one. He woke, realizing from ants to humans, are all made equal by suffering. Through this, he found the middle way.
  • The middle way means that one shouldn't live in luxury, nor decline food, comforts, and pleasure completely. The Buddha believed one should live in moderation. This allowed for more concentration on seeking enlightenment. With this, he made the four noble truths and the Eightfold path, to take people's ignorance and make it wisdom, to take people's anger and turn it into compassion, and greed into generosity.
  • Buddha was then told by Brahman to spread his discoveries to others, so he did, and thus, Buddhism was made.
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