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Updated: 2/18/2019
Unknown Story

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  • I'm sorry guys, I don't have any money to buy food.
  • Mom were hungry!
  • Later that night Wendy decided that she was going to go back to school so that she could get her nursing assistances degree to support her family.
  • It was Wendy's first day and she was ready to go but very nervous.
  • After a year and a half of school and working part time, Wendy had finally graduated.
  • Wonderful job Wendy!
  • Yay! Thank you so much.
  • It's perfect!
  • Is this the one?
  • Wendy bought a much nicer house with all the extra money she had been making from her new job.
  • From going back to school, Wendy was now more independent and could support her family.
  • Kids I'm home, I got food if you guys are hungry!