Chapter 9
Updated: 12/18/2019
Chapter 9
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  • I am exhausted from working so hard...
  • What was that sound?!?!
  • Oh Nooooo
  • He has to go to the doctor!!!
  • !?!?!?!?
  • OUCHHH!!!!!
  • Boxer is rebuilding the windmill for the third time because it was destroyed over and over again. He is determined to build the windmill to the best of his abilities.
  • The doctor is on his way...Hang in there Boxer
  • Your going to be okay Boxer
  • ):
  • Boxer is the most hard working animal on the farm so he is used for all of the heavy thing sare jobs that are tuff for other animals. The animals are minding their own business when they hear a loud thud coming from the winmill.
  • Slaughter house
  • This scene shows the animals discovering Boxer injured from working on the winmill. Hurting his hoof unable to get up the animals take action. The animals have to call the doctor to pick him up.
  • Benjamin and I found out devastating news this morning ...Boxer has passed away the only important thing now is to stay together as a team.
  • This scene shows the animals trying to support Boxer while him and the animals are waiting for the doctor. Boxer is in al lot of pain and he is waiting to go to the hospital.
  • This scene is showing boxer going off to the "Animals hospital" but they will later discover the truth about where Boxer really went.
  • This scene displays how Squealer and Benjamin told the news to the other animals that boxer was dead. Boxer went to the slaughter house instead of the animal hospital.
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