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Updated: 12/18/2019
Unknown Story
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  • Siddhartha was a prince born inside palace walls in India 6th century B.C.
  • Siddhartha is a prince that was born in India the 6th century B.C. inside palace walls. When Siddhartha was older he asked his friend if they could go outside the palace walls, so they ventured out. Siddhartha saw a old sick man and asked if that could happen to him and they said yes and Siddhartha saw a corpse and asked can that happen to me and they said yes. Siddhartha now realizes that people suffer. Siddhartha later goes to a cave and meditate then he goes to a tree and meditates for months trying to figure out the meaning of life and to understand the universe. Siddhartha meets Nirvana and Nirvana helps him learn and understand the meaning of life and the way out of suffering and the four nobles. Siddhartha doesn't know what to do with his discoveries and Brahma told him to teach others. For the rest of his life, Siddhartha taught Dharma (the path of life) to people that need it. Siddhartha was now known as the Buddha and his discoveries are now a religion that is called Buddhism and started to spread through India and Asian from trading with each other and learning about it and eventually spread around the world.
  • Siddhartha leaves the palace walls for the first time with his friend and his friends dad and see a sick old man and corpse.
  • Siddhartha goes to meditate under a tree for months trying to under stand the meaning of life and universe.
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