Ecuador Republicna Period
Updated: 3/15/2021
Ecuador Republicna Period

Storyboard Description

This is how the people work in the Republicna period

Storyboard Text

  • Yes, obviously, but now I need to go for Creoles they are in the church waiting for me!
  • Hi, my monarch ¡What a great dat!
  • Yes, yes, did you make sure that indigenous and black people are working?
  • I know son, this is tired but otherwise we can be killed, black people are worse than us.
  • ¡Dad!, we should do something they treat us like animals
  • Oh no! This is awful we haven't obtained so much diamons, then SPaniardas are going to murder us
  • What is dad talking about?
  • I know, but like I am a Mestizo, i don't have many rights although I know other Mestizos work as builders, carpenters, etc.
  • Go mom, I wish someone came to free us from this.
  • I hope so too, everyone is equal
  • My love, I came here cause I wante to help you with your work as a kid you are a mestizo and I am a Spaniard.
  • Remember dude, we are in charge of the parish, we can control everything and be like a king here.
  • Yes, I know I have some ideas on how we can manage all people here, and give them orders. After all we are creoles.
  • Why there is racism in this society, black people are the most despised and join with them the mulatos us!
  • Yes, I don't know why but they jugde us by our skin color