Updated: 6/2/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Okay, tell us more...
  • Mum ? Dad ? I must tell you something very important for me !!
  • ??? What is this ?
  • It's about my future... You know that I really like biologie and sciences, so I decided to be an ethologist !
  • Really ?! Ok, it's nice, but what this job consist to do ??
  • Hmm... so that's this...
  • Ohh, It looks like very cool !!
  • An ethologist have to study the animal's behaviour. So he has the opportunity to discoverd a lot of things, all the time.
  • But are you sure you won't drop out of school? Because I imagine the studies must be quite long...
  • Ok, ok, we trust you !
  • Yes ! I'm sure that I don't wan't to do another job. I will work hard even if the studies are long...
  • You convinced us !And we wish you all the best!!
  • Thanks !!!! I love you !