Updated: 6/10/2020
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  • Fahrenheit 451 is a dystopian novel by Ray Bradbury. The setting is set in a world where books are burned and are replaced with technology. This numbs people and brings them to submission. This will all change when a fireman named Guy Montag finally recognizes what's going on and why he needs to change it.
  • How can we change society? And how can we bring books back into and rebuild?
  • One day after work, Montag is greeted by Clarisse McClellan. She's a free spirited young woman who has many independent thoughts about the society she lives in. She believes they go through life too fast and that the world with books was a better place. This opens Montag eyes and gets him questioning everything he's ever known. This is what first sparks Montag's need for Change.
  • When Montag get's home, he finds his wife, Mildred, had overdosed on sleeping pills. Mildred has always only cared about herself and technology, but this shows she is numb from all of this. She has had to have some underlying pain to be able to do this without realizing, which showcases how much this society is failing without books.
  • Montag has finally decided that burning books is wrong and it's hurting all of them more than helping. It's censorship and it's hiding the words of people who have all gone through different experiences. Books are the documentation of human progress and Montag wants to bring them back and end the censorship once and for all. He seeks out Faber to help him with his mission.
  • Captain Beatty finds out what Montag is planning and that he had been reading and hiding books, so he tries to force Montag to burn his own house down. Montag refuses and lights Beatty on fire. He then runs away to avoid being caught by the mechanical hound, that will kill him if it catches him. Montag knew he messed up, but he doesn't stop
  • When Montag ran away, he found himself in the woods. He met Granger and other book lovers. Bombs then destroy the whole city, leaving survivors to rebuild not only the city but society as well.
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