Updated: 9/23/2018
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  • my favorite is the coral reef because i like to go snorkling and check out the cool tropical fish
  • hi, i'm john! nice to meet you! i'm here to tell you about biomes and ecosystems.
  • one biome is the rain forest!
  • here it is very dense, this place gets lots of rain so there is a lot of animals!
  • in the rain forest there are producers such as a banana tree. monkeys eat the banana trees and decompers eat the dead monkey. that's an example of a food chain
  • this is the deciduous forest. these forests are a common sight
  • consumers you might find here are bears,squirrels etc. consumers are also known as abiotic factors
  • this is a grass land they have very low trees's and animals
  • there are to main biotic factors here. one i s dirt and the other is rocks. abiotic factors are non-living things, by the way
  • this is the tundra, here it is mainly a cold desert.
  • also here this a thing called permafrost. permafrost is a thing that is a layer of frozen soil that stays year long.
  • welcome to tundra!
  • this is a estuary, here it is where a fresh water river meets the ocean.
  • many food webs could connect here. a food web is a picture that shows all the food chains.
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