Beowulf - Nicole Molero
Updated: 10/9/2018
Beowulf - Nicole Molero
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  • I am going to attack Herot Hall everyday starting tonight and I will be everyone's worst nightmare.
  • After everyrone had fun at the party at Herot Hall, they went to sleep. Although, they had no idea the danger and fear that was to come to their lives.
  • My dear King Hrothgar, I am Beowulf and I've come all the way from Geats to help you fight the monster I heard of, Grendel. 
  • Thank you for helping us, we really appreciate it. I will give you all the heIp you need to help you defeat this monster.
  • Hrothgar accepts Beowulf's visit and it was the best thing that could have happened to him and his country. 
  • Once again Grendel attacks Herot Hall, but this time Beowulf was there and ready to protect everyone. Grendel kills the first Geat he sees and drink his blood.Then, he goes after Beowulf.
  • I will kill you. 
  • We can't fight him, lets leave him to Beowulf.
  • Come. Come and fight me. I am ready for you!
  • Beowulf enters Grendel's mother lair which is located in a lake. When he arrives, Grendel's mother is ready to avenge his son's death.
  • You have dared to enter my lair, now you will die for killing my son. 
  • I am not afraid of you! I will kill just like I killed your son, Grendel. 
  • I am not as strong anymore... thank you for coming, Wiglaf. I can't fight alone this time. 
  • This is Beowulf's final battle. Now, he is older and weaker. He has no chance against this dragon, but lucky for him Wiglaf came to help him. Sadly, his outcome is not good since the dragon manages to kill the great Beowulf.
  • Beowulf, I've come to help you. You can't fight this dragon alone. You are older now... it's not like when you fought Grendel and his mother.
  • I will honor Beowulf for the rest of my life. Thanks to him I felt safe again. Thanks to him I could sleep at night.
  • He was the bravest soldier to ever live!
  • Beowulf was hero in the eyes of everyone. For this reason, a monument was made to honor him for fighting many battles. 
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