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The Great Depression
Updated: 9/24/2020
The Great Depression
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  • Oh, hey! I did not see you there. I was just thinking this really crazy history lesson I just learned about the Great Depression.
  • Have you ever heard of the Great Depression? Well let me tell you about it.
  • It all started in the 1920's. America was BOOMING!
  • America doubled it's wealth from 1920-1929, but in October 1929 the stock market crashed.
  • Suddenly the economy was crashing. Businesses were failing. Workers were losing their jobs. And the investors lost their money
  • It gets worse.. Those who lost their jobs couldn't find new ones. Productions were decreasing causing more and more businesses to go under.
  • More people lost their homes, and relied on Soup Kitchens.
  • In 1930 there was a big drought that started to kill farmer's crops and livestock. People started moving into the cities.
  • Most of the nation's banks failed.
  • People used dancing and board games to find ways of entertainment.
  • People started trying to find ways to distract themselves from all that was going on.
  • The Great Depression also introduced social classes: upper class, middle class, and lower class
  • Women started joining the workforce. Financial pressures pushed women to find jobs to help support their families and help out their husbands
  • Roosevelt was re-elected in 1936
  • President Roosevelt enacted the New Deal which set up service projects, financial reforms, and many regulations to try and get the US back on track
  • The Second New Deal was set up. It created WPA which helped find or set up for those who could not find one
  • The Great Depression came to an end 1939 when World War II started. The war provided jobs for many and also got the productivity in the US back up
  • Wasn't that a crazy 10 years of history?! Well, thanks for listening!
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