Movie Love? - #1

Updated: 5/1/2020
Movie Love? - #1

Storyboard Description

Lucelia and Lukas Davidson were a famous couple that starred in two really popular movies, Love in Mexico and Love in China. Soon after they got married they had a daughter named Lucy Davidson. When Lucy was only 17 years old she became a famous model and then her parent shad a little boy named Luke Davidson. Luke had a small club with some of his friends who had no clue he was part of a very rich and famous family. Luke had a crush on one of his friends, Wendy Morris, and her brother, Cade Morris, started to come only so Luke couldn't hit on his twin sister Wendy. One day his sister Lucy came to pick him up from his friends house, his friends saw then realized he was THE Luke Davidson and found out his family was THE Davidson's.

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