Updated: 1/11/2021

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  • I work for a luxurious hotel, and casinos have increased the tourism significantly and the tax money gained from it has helped us build new public areas like the new restaurant near our hotel.
  • Don't get me wrong, that sounds awesome but gambling is just as addictive and destructive as drugs. Doesn't that mean that it should be illegal too?
  • Food and money appreciated
  • Also, if gambling becomes illegal, then more people will stay away from it so that they don't break the law.
  • The rich man realized that he was wrong. The economic gain that came with casinos isn't worth the risk of human lives.
  • Oh my goodness! You are right!
  • The rich man felt awful because he gained money off other people's losses, so he decided to start a charity for those in poverty due to gambling addiction to helped pay for their rehabilitation. He is also working towards making Casinos illegal.
  • I share the same stance as the poor man, gambling is too risky for human lives and shouldn't continue to be legal just for economic gain.
  • This textbox is used when the poor man talks.
  • This textbox is used when the rich man talks.