Updated: 2/7/2020

Storyboard Description

this was the scene that impact me because she came here to start a new life with her mother, and when she got here she discover that her mother was no able to enter the country because she don't have American document, so now Fabiola need to start a new life alone with out her mother, her mother is everything that she have, I think this is the most important for me because when a move to USA I moved alone, my mother did not came with me, and was really hard for me bacause my mom means my everything

Storyboard Text

  • mom I'm so happy to be with you
  • we will have a new life here
  • excuse me, did you see my mother
  • sorry but your mother cannot enter the country
  • she will be detain, you cannot see her
  • what I'm going to do with out my mother, I need her with me