Historieta Ingles
Updated: 9/10/2020
Historieta Ingles

Storyboard Text

  • Wow really, tell me about that
  • Did you know that when I was a child I almost got lost in the savannah.
  • I was with my mother in the savannah because she works there and made us thirsty so we went to collect water from a small river and she left and I didn't realize it.
  • After that I met a snake that was not very friendly and I am sure it wanted to bite me but a leopard saved me.
  • Then the Leopard took me to a place near a tree and it fell at night so I had to sleep under the tree
  • Then at dawn my mother met me and we said goodbye to the leopard that later left.
  • And why didn't the leopard hurt you?
  • I don't know why, it's a mystery