Reunifying China
Updated: 1/15/2020
Reunifying China
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  • In China, the wealthy would own land that was worked by peasants. The work that the peasants did helped the rich more than the poor. The peasants, angry, decided to follow Daoism instead of Confucianism.
  • The peasents grew frustrated at how they wsere treated, and attacked the North China Plains in 184. The rebellion was led by Zhang Jue, and was called the Yellow Turban Rebellion. The rebellion continued for 20 years, causing the empire's power to be divided in three and end the Han dynasty.
  • China was divided into 3 separate kingdoms: Wei, Wu, and Shu-Han. Wei was in the north, Wu was in the center, and Shu-Han was located in the modern day Shi Chuan region. Each kingdom's leader claimed to be China's next emperor. Cao Pi, the ruler of the Wei Kingdom's son, took the throne. However, in 280, the Wei general Wudi overthrew Cao Pi and founded the Jin dynasty. The dynasty didn't last long.
  • Emperor Wendi estabilished the Sui dynasty in 581, it was also the beginning of a golden age of art and culture. Wendi became a supporter of the arts. Buddhism was also encouraged to flourish along Confusianism. After Wendi's death, his son, Yang di took the throne. Unfortuantly, he was greedy and cruel. Gongdi was the last Emperor before being overthrone by Li Yuan who established the Tang dynasty.
  • Li Yuan established the Tang Dynasty in 624. The Tang's dynasty's influence reached toward places beyond China like Japan, Korea, and Vietnam. Li Yuan suceeded because he used the ideas of the Sui dynasty while avoiding mistakes. In 907, the Tang dynasty collapsed and China split into 5 kingdoms.
  • Taizu, a military inspector, founded the Song dynasty. The Song dynasty's era was considered to be a golden age. Policies from the Sui and Tang dynasties were carried on. The population grew quickly, and China's culture went through a golden age. In the Song dynasty, people began to make typing, farning, military, and art advancements. One example is when gunpowder was discovered, it lead to the makings of fireworks and rockets.
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