The creation of the world - orthodoxy

Updated: 6/19/2020
The creation of the world - orthodoxy

Storyboard Text

  • on the first day, god created light. he decided that when it was dark, it would be called 'night' and when it was light it would be called 'day.'
  • on the second day, god made the Earth and the sky to surround it. (the Earth is just a big rock at the moment.)
  • on the third day, god organised the Earth. He separated the water and the land and then made the plants grow on land
  • on the fourth day, god decided that 'day' was still a bit boring so he made the sun, and that 'night' was just too dark so he made the moon and the stars
  • on the fifth day, god filled the seas with fish, and the skies with birds
  • on the sixth day, god created animals and people and ten he decided that he was done. on the seventh day he rested