Updated: 6/19/2020

Storyboard Description

Realizado por Raymary De Los Angeles Fernandez Chacon Nicoll Lopez Correa

Storyboard Text

  • hello friend, what did you do on your weekend?
  • hello, did i go to the store to boy shoes..
  • did bought the most beatiful pair of shonesin the world
  • did really liked them 
  • did you liked thones shones a lot?
  • did i went to my uncle´s hause to bathe in a pool
  • And what did you do this weekend?
  • did though the water was a little cold
  • did i had a great time in that pool
  • how did you go?
  • And what else did you do?
  • did i also went to the cinema
  • trabajo realizado por Raymary fernandez Chacon Nicoll Lopez Correa9-2
  • and what movie did you whtch?
  • did i saw a movie that i really liked it was called malefica