Betsys Alabi
Updated: 2/13/2020
Betsys Alabi

Storyboard Text

  • hey Mom just wanted to let u know that I'm home now...
  • uh mom can we also have a few pieces of cake?
  • and that Me, Mark, and Jeff are gonna watch a movie
  • In this image as you can see, Betsy calls her mom, to let her know that she is at the house and is calling from the house phone.
  • then she shuts off the recorded tape of Mark and Jeff's voices and heads into the kitchen for a slice of cake.
  • just gotta set up the T.V and then i can go.
  • while in the kitchen, Betsy cuts a few pieces of cake as if she gave some to Mark and Jeff leaving just a few crumbs left from the cake.
  • after cutting the cake, Betsy gets rid of the cake that she cut for Mark and Jeff by throwing it away.
  • after coming inside from throwing the left over cake she had cut and taken a few bites of away, she came inside to turn on the T.V as if they were watching a movie and were still in the house.
  • after leaving the house, she went outside to the car and headed out to the school.