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The mystery of the chicken in the bucket
Updated: 3/31/2020
The mystery of the chicken in the bucket
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Storyboard Description

Eleven in the morning. Roof of Rafael's house. His chicken is found dead in a trough. The mother assures that it was an accident. Rafael hesitates but, when observing the scene in detail, he comes to a conclusion: Humberto, the chicken, has been killed. Rafael decides to look for the culprit, the problem is that the main suspects are his dad, his mom, his cousin Demon and the home secretary Luztgarda. Any one of them could have committed the crime...The question is ¿who did it?

Storyboard Text

  • first suspect: my dad. He had motives to kill Humberto since he hated that he made poop everywhere, however my dad is a good person and i don´t think he is a murder
  • second suspect: my cousin Miluska. She always took Humberto out of his box, tied a string around his neck and pretended he was his Barbie´s dog, i told him several times not to do it but she ignored me, she never pays attention, she may be the murder
  • third suspec: my mom. i don´t think she is the murder, she was who bought me Humberto, she had no reason to kill him
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