Farenheit 451
Updated: 12/18/2019
Farenheit 451
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  • The Hearth and Salamander - A women burns
  • The Sieve and the Sand - Montag reads
  • Burning Bright - The city dies
  • Montag encounters a woman who is adamant in not coming in with firemen even after numerous warnings that they will set all the books on fire. She stood on the kerosene filled books and procured a match of her own and killed herself with her books. This death shook montag to the core introducing him a new world of books, and making him curios about books and wanting to read them.
  • The library
  • Montag is sick of hiding his passion for books and attempts to read it to the ladies. He's told by faber to cover it up as a joke and he's forced too. Mildred makes him read a passage and says firemen get to bring home a book once a year, and he was reading it for us. After this Montag throws the book into the incinerator.
  • Society
  • The city is destroyed by atom bombs and reduced to ash. Montag and Granger are walking to the city and portraying themselves as people who remember. As they walk towards the city, more and more people begin to follow them towards the city. They are going to rebuild the society with books in it.
  • The wars end
  • Montag and Granger are rebuilding society piece by piece, a month had passed since the bombs came and they had been left to fend for themselves. They quickly set up a library for people to be able to open their eyes and see the truth through the books. Many are beginning to open their eyes to the world.
  • Its been two years since the initial bombing, no one had come for them, only travelers seeking refuge. There's occasionally fighter planes overhead. The city had been built up of the basis of reading books and seeking knowledge. There is no longer any censorship in this society, or computers monitoring them, its completely free. 
  • The united states finally surrendered to the revolutonaries fighting them. Their superior numbers and unbreakable will resulted in the loss of the U.S. All the leaders of the U.S were executed, introducing a new regime of democracy and free-thinking with books as the center of it.
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