Booth vs Claudius
Updated: 11/23/2020
Booth vs Claudius

Storyboard Text

  • Oh hey Amani! I have a few questions about the recent reading in English!
  • Oh hello Suzy, I didn't see you there! I have a few minutes if you want to ask your questions. Come on over here!
  • Well my first question is : What are some similarities of Booth and Claudius?
  • Well the main similarity I was able to find were that Claudius and Booth both come to fear what the consequences of their actions would bring. For Booth he was scared of God being mad and punishing him.
  • Another similarity I found was how Booth and Claudius both didn't regret the murders per say, but only care about the consequences. Also that both of them do realize that they did "something awful"
  • Oh I see that makes sense! Another question I have is how does religion play a part for both Claudius and Booth?