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Updated: 9/28/2020
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  • Exposition- Rikki-Tikki was found lying in the floor so the family decided to take him in.
  • Rikki- Tikki!I'm sorry but Nagiana is inside the house, I lured her there.
  • Rising Action- Nag and Nagiana found out that a mongoose is their "Garden" Darzee told Rikki-Tikki about Nag and Nagiana saying ' They are really dangerous" then Darzee was interrupted by Nag give killing threats to Rikki-Tikki didn't care and manged to escape Nag threats.
  • Rising Action- When Rikki-Tikki came back and getting ready to eat, a quickness of eye and quickness of snake foot. This makes things more wonderful than a wonderful herb. Rikki-Tikki knew he was a young mongoose and it made the mongoose proud of himself, to think that he managed to escape a blow from behide. Teddy ran to Rikki-Tikki but stop as he saw a dead snake on the floor and saw Rikki-Tikki standing next to it and said" Oh look our mongoose just killed a snake."
  • Climax-The part where Rikki-Tikki-Tavi made a plan to make Nagaina go away, and Darzee and his wife help the mongoose by acting like their wings broke while Rikki-Tikki goes to the snake egg and break it until Darzee said that he lured Ngaina to the house where the family was eating when that happen the readers ask to thier selves what is Rikki-Tikki gonna do? Will he able to save the family? and Will he have time?
  • Falling Action-Rikki-Tikki came to save the family and something came out of except, Nagaina thought that Teddy Father kill her husband but she was wrong,. Rikki-Tikki showed her the egg and said " This is your last egg since i destroy the other egg" Rikki-Tikki threated Nagaina with the egg and also added " Oh, also you husband was killed by the man, It was ME, ME who killed your husband, he tried to get the stick but he decided to lay down a bit so I strike and that how your husband, Nag is dead, If you go away from this gardan and house I will give you back your egg."
  • Resolution- Rikki-Tikki made sure she doesn't lye to him so he made sure again" So you will go away from this house and garden. You will make sure that you will never come back with your child." Said Rikki-Tikki-Tavi " Yes I will never come back, Now give me my egg!" So he did after that Nagaina went away with her and The family thank the mongoose. To be continue.
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