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Updated: 3/4/2020
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  • The people are like mitosis.
  • This is interphase because it is the start with 2 chromosomes.
  • Because they meet at the beginning of mitosis.
  • They get together like a boyfriend or girlfriend.
  • Because its like Prophase because this is when they officially get together.
  • Because they're like chromosomes they get together at the start.
  • This metaphase because this is when they are together and the spindles start to form.
  • The chromosomes are together for a bit.
  • Dey chill like any person does.
  • This is anaphaase when they begin to split but dont fully split yet.
  • He is like that because he is what rips them apart. He is the father of the boy
  • And then in mitosis they start to split.
  • He is like a spindle fiber because he is the thing that pulls them apart.Then like the spindle fiber they start to pull apart.
  • They split like how a bad relationship works.
  • This is telophase because this is when they are splitting even more.
  • They are finally split apart.
  • This is cytokinesis when they are completely split into new cells.
  • One leaves
  • They then find new chromosomes to get together with.
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