Updated: 6/29/2020

Storyboard Text

  • The force of gravity causes the objects to fall down
  • Mom why do the objects fall down?
  • Gravity is the force occurring between the earth and a body
  • OK let's go sit down first and then I'll explain
  • Mom could you explain about gravity in detail
  • What is gravity?
  • The force of attraction between any two objects in the universe is called gravitational force
  • When an object falls towards the earth due to the earth's gravitational force, it is called free fall
  • The acceleration due to gravity is the uniform acceleration produced in freely falling body due to the influence of the gravitational pull of the earth
  • Umm OK.....
  • You already know what mass is, but just to refresh your mind, mass is the total content of the object
  • And so, if the amount of mass increases, the amount of gravitational force also increases
  • OK son
  • Cool, thanks mom now I know everything about gravity and how it works