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  • The Confederates had three capitals through the course of the war. It started in Montgomery, Alabama then to Richmond, Virginia then lastly to Danville, Virginia. For the Union's capital it was Washington, DC.
  • The Andersonville prison camp, officially called Camp Sumter, was the South's largest prison for captured Union soldiers and known for its unhealthy conditions and high death rate. In all, approximately 13,000 Union soldiers were captured and tortured by Captain Henry Wirz, which he would then be executed for war crimes.
  • FIRE!!!!
  • Jefferson Davis was the president for the Confederacy. Davis had innumerable troubles during his presidency, such as: gradually worsening a military situations, fueling political tensions, lack of manpower and armament, and skyrocketing inflation. He still remained determined to carry out the war.
  • General Grant lead the victorious Union army and served as the eighteenth president from his heroic actions during the war.Even though Grant graduated last in his class at West Point he was an aggressive and determined leader to protect civil rights.Lee was the Confederate general, graduating at the top of his class at West Point, attempted to lead the South at secession.The war dragged on until a victory for him was impossible, Lee soon surrendered at Appomattox, effectively ending the war.
  • On April 12, 1861 the battle at Fort Sumter began. This was the opening engagement to the war. Although Fort Sumter held no strategic value to the North, it held enormous value as the symbol of the Union. The Confederates started and ended the battle, which gave them the advantage at the start of the war.
  • The Anaconda Plan was the Union's strategic plan to defeat the Confederacy at the start of the war. The goal was to defeat the rebellion by blockading southern ports and controlling the Mississippi River. This would create isolation for the South to the outside world. This plan was created by General Winfield Scott following the attack on Fort Sumter.
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